Featured image of an accountant’s calculator against a creme yellow background. Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash.

This past Sunday, an article ran in The New York Times. It was titled, The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting.

The author, Kevin Roose, takes a firm, moral stance against process automation replacing the workforce — and we wholeheartedly agree. While Bots have the capability of automating job processes, the idea of entire departments being displaced is certainly a grim outlook for the future.

Unlike humans, automation doesn’t make mistakes, clock out, or require pay and benefits. But even so, there’s one massive reason why Roose (and plenty of others) are staunchly opposing automation.

If you’re reading this…

Chaz Perera

Co-Founder & CEO, Roots Automation. Helping organizations free their people to focus on customers and other high-value tasks that build careers and experiences.

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