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This past Sunday, an article ran in The New York Times. It was titled, The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting.

The author, Kevin Roose, takes a firm, moral stance against process automation replacing the workforce — and we wholeheartedly agree. While Bots have the capability of automating job processes, the idea of entire departments being displaced is certainly a grim outlook for the future.

Unlike humans, automation doesn’t make mistakes, clock out, or require pay and benefits. But even so, there’s one massive reason why Roose (and plenty of others) are staunchly opposing automation.

If you’re reading this…

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Long walks on the beach. Evenings spent staring over a fire into your lover’s eyes. No matter where you live and what your age is, people all desire to find that special someone. But gone are the days when you meet someone the old-fashioned way: in person. In today’s world, apps like Tinder use a dating algorithm to find you possible matches.

More and more, potential suitors are swiping left (to say no) to real life chance encounters, in favor of online dating services. This is not your grandmother’s dating world. But would you trust a machine with your…

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As the pandemic continues to rage across the globe, the entire routine of daily life has changed. Instead of going to work each morning and returning home in the evening, many workers have been working remotely, being forced to create makeshift offices in dining rooms, basements, and even bedrooms.

With so much time at home, clearly people are getting stir-crazy, and flummoxed about how to hang on to old habits and routines while dealing with the “new normal.” …

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Even being such a human-centric career field, HR can greatly benefit from automation. In companies where tech advancements are flourishing, employees are reaping the benefits. According to an Oracle/Future Workplace report, the majority (65percent) of workers are optimistic, excited, and grateful about having robot co-workers. Nearly a quarter report having a loving and gratifying relationship with AI at work.

On the contrary, there’s an expected and understandable hesitation surrounding this massive transition. Employees may fear they will be “replaced” or no longer needed if AI becomes a dominant part of their workflows. …

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Since the invention of the wheel, humans have been automating jobs in order to make their lives easier. In the late 1700’s, the Industrial Revolution changed business in profound ways, and set society on a course where machines now do the labor that humans previously accomplished. Fast forward 200 years, and machines are again reinventing the way people live and work.

Insurance automation features AI, artificial intelligence, where machines simulate human thoughts and actions. Companies use bots to do the work of humans, and these bots can learn and react in real time. …

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Getting everyone on the same page in any aspect of business is difficult. Throw technology into the mix and between miscommunication, delays, errors, and incompatibilities, something always seems to be going wrong. Digital Coworkers are AI-powered bots specifically created and trained to function just like their human counterparts, from interacting and collaborating via Slack to reading new policy documents and adjusting their workflow accordingly.

Traditionally, the Center of Excellence in any given company controls the technology deployed to the rest of the workforce. As the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expands, so does its complexity. …

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Underwriting is a data-intensive, high-focus job. From staying on top of updates to policies and guidelines to managing client data in a safe and effective way, there are constantly a million plates spinning at the desk of any insurance underwriter. Traditionally little-to-no automation is used to streamline the underwriting process. Each underwriter has their own unique way of doing things, meaning the system they use to tackle each new account is honed and perfected over time. …

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Remember when everyone started slapping the label “smart” on everything? From phones to water and the wide range in between, it became a way to make a regular product sound fancy. And. let’s face it, it worked. Somehow when something is labeled well, it seems more impressive. More exciting. More … smart.

The same is true with Robotic Process Automation (also referred to as RPA). The phrase conjures up images of shiny metal robots carrying out complex tasks. Especially if you’re not intimately familiar with the tech industry and its automated contributors, Robotic Process Automation probably sounds impressive. Exciting. Smart.

In this age of technology, business leaders should bring in cognitive solutions that will bring efficiency and employees will improve their performance.

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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Cognitive AI are buzzwords that business leaders cannot afford to ignore. In today’s digital era, enterprises must draw out a crystal clear stratagem where leaders and employees at all levels embrace the new-fangled wave of technology.

In this blog post, we explain important aspects of cognitive solutions that business leaders should know about. …

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What is open enrollment?

In the United States Healthcare industry, ‘open enrollment’ refers to the time, typically towards the end of the year, when individuals can change their Health Insurance plans without a life-changing event (such as getting married and change in employment status) allowing them to do so.

Open enrollment for 2021 runs from 1st November 2020 to 15 December 2020, with new coverage taking effect on 1st January 2021, though these dates may vary if your insurance is covered by your employer and further variations by state so be sure to check before making any changes.

What is…

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